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​Providing Aerial Photo, Video and Photogrammetry
Realtors, Property Owners, Insurance Adjusters, Home Inspectors and Construction Professionals

Inspection Imaging

Disclaimer:  Our company is not in the business of inspecting property.  We simply take photos that the professionals use.  Here are examples of what images might be needed.  A typical inspection might involve 100 + images.

Inspecting via Drone
A drone is the ideal vehicle for inspecting structures.  Roofs, towers, pipelines, electric transmission lines, and many other things can be safely inspected by drones.  No people climbing on a roof or up a tower.  Far lower danger and liability!  And oftentimes the same people who do these kinds of work can be trained to use drones and gain valuable skills that improve their lives. 

In other cases, companies like ours can provide the service as needed while offering the assurance of safety and risk reduction through our experience and insurance coverage.

These images are of an actual property that we took inspection images of, though the address shot is not shown for privacy.

This image is an overview of the roof of the primary structure (house).

Identifying Shots

Upon arriving at the location our first task is to take a photo of the front of the property as well as a close up of the property address.

This provides the inspector or adjuster with evidence showing we filmed the correct property.

Walls and Sections

We shoot each exterior of the wall from about eye level.  We also shoot each corner of the building.

We usually do an establishing shot of the entire wall and then 2 or more closer shots (sectionals).  Sometimes we have to shoot from an angle to get the entire wall.  Other times an establishing shot cannot be done.

In this case, we couldn't do the entire front wall so we did the 1st shot at the left, then closer shots similar to the other image.

Roof Images

In the majority of cases, the roof is the most important part of the inspection.  Damage from hail, wind, and falling trees is often the cause.
  1. Chimney
    If there are any chimneys we shoot the sides and top of each of them. Imagine climbing a 40 foot ladder to look at a chimney top! With a drone, it's easy and very safe.
  2. Roof Sectional
    Roof Sectional
    After shooting the overall roof image, we shoot several sectional images of the entire roof. This is one section.
  3. Roof Detail
    Roof Detail
    Then we fly just a few feet above the roof taking many detailed images.
  4. Roof Penetrations
    Roof Penetrations
    We also shoot each penetration of the roof, such as vent pipes, attic vents and skylights.
Collateral Images
​We also take photos of other buildings and items that may be needed by the client.  The image below is that of a shop building on the property.  Just as in the case of the house, we took many photos.
Other collateral may include HVAC units, boats, automobiles, trailers, outbuildings, even playsets as requested by our client.

Clients for this kind of work include insurance adjusters, home and building inspectors and even homeowners.

It is our job to take the images.  We make no assertion as to what damage, if any, we observe.  That's for the client to determine.
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Drones are called by many names and acronyms.  UAV, UAS, sUAS, RPAS?  
U = Unmanned, RP = Remotely Piloted, A = Aerial, V = Vehicle, S = System,  s = small.

​A Drone Above, LLC engages only FAA certified UAS pilots and carries drone operations liability insurance.  A certificate of insurance is available upon request.

Imaging Terminology
HD (High Definition) - In digital camera terminology, high definition is a shooting mode that produces a 1920x1080 pixel high-definition (HD) quality photo or video.
HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography is a technique for capturing a much broader tonal range than a digital sensor can record in a single exposure.  This typically results in richer colors and greater detail in the shadows.  Requires multiple original shots of each scene.  HD cannot be converted to HDR.  Not available for videos.