A Drone Above, LLC

​Providing Aerial Photo, Video and Photogrammetry
Realtors, Property Owners, Insurance Adjusters, Home Inspectors and Construction Professionals

A Drone Above, LLC
Spring Branch, TX 

Phone: 210-219-7787

Kenneth O Ewald, Sr.
FAA Certified UAV Pilot
FAA Certificate # 3984662

Beverly Ewald
Advisor in Charge
Visual Observer
Ken and Beverly Ewald
Ken and Beverly are both experienced small business owners who know the value of treating everyone with respect and fairness.  Now semi-retired, they have begun another chapter in their lives by starting A Drone Above, LLC to provide photographic and videographic services, particularly by utilizing Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones). 

Ken's interest in remotely controlled aircraft started many years ago when he took up the hobby of flying RC airplanes.  He enjoyed building, flying, crashing and repairing model aircraft for over 20 years.  That experience and their background in business, plus the increasing interest in the use of remotely piloted aircraft for many business purposes enticed Ken to research the ways to begin a business using drones.

Beverly continues her part time career as a librarian while also aiding Ken by being his most valued advisor as well as visual observer and helper while flying missions,

Both have been avid amateur photographers and are now taking those skills to the next level in this new adventure.
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Spring Branch, TX
North of San Antonio
Drones are called by many names and acronyms.  UAV, UAS, sUAS, RPAS?  
U = Unmanned, RP = Remotely Piloted, A = Aerial, V = Vehicle, S = System,  s = small.

​A Drone Above, LLC engages only FAA certified UAS pilots and carries drone operations liability insurance.  A certificate of insurance is available upon request.

Imaging Terminology
HD (High Definition) - In digital camera terminology, high definition is a shooting mode that produces a 1920x1080 pixel high-definition (HD) quality photo or video.
HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography is a technique for capturing a much broader tonal range than a digital sensor can record in a single exposure.  This typically results in richer colors and greater detail in the shadows.  Requires multiple original shots of each scene.  HD cannot be converted to HDR.  Not available for videos.