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Providing drone based photo and video services for Realtors, Property Owners and Construction Professionals in South Central Texas.

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Drones are called by many names and acronyms.  UAV, UAS, sUAS, RPAS?  
U = Unmanned, RP = Remotely Piloted, A = Aerial, V = Vehicle, S = System,  s = small.  
We fly them for legal and peaceful purposes such as photography and videography.  We always respect people's legal, privacy and property rights and expect the same courtesy.

​A Drone Above, LLC engages only FAA certified UAS pilots and carries drone operations liability insurance.  A certificate of insurance is available upon request.

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    Videos we've created of private properties. Thanks to the property owners for allowing us to show more examples our work.
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How Does Aerial Photography Help Realtors?

Get pictures from unique perspectives that are not possible from the ground.

Give context to a listing (neighborhood, property, features).


•MLS stats showed listings with aerial photography sold 68% faster than listings with standard photography

•NAR’s 2016 broker report reported that 73% of homeowners said they would prefer to list with an agent who uses video to market homes

•Zillow reported listings with video received 2x the views & 2x the saves

Why  Hire Only Certified & Insured UAS Operators?

The graphic at the right is a snippet from an actual FAA response about who is liable when an unauthorized drone pilot flies commercially for another person or business.  Unauthorized means the pilot in charge of the flight is not certified by the Federal Aviation Administration.

If an unauthorized pilot flies for another person or business then the pilot may face a fine and the person or business that hired the pilot may face an even larger fine.

If the pilot does not have insurance specifically for the commercial operation of drones, then both the pilot and the person or business that engaged the pilot may be responsible for damages and other civil or criminal offenses.

Before hiring a drone pilot, please do confer with legal counsel regarding your potential liability.